The experts, listed below, were recruited by the program chairs as well as through an open application process. In their role as Associate Chairs (AC), they are responsible to support the reviewing process of full and short paper submissions by selecting three expert reviewers for each paper they are как вступают в наследство. The reviewing process for ACM TVX2015 is detailed below.

  • Petter Bae Brandtzæg
  • Cyril Concolato
  • Mike Darnell
  • Marco de Sa
  • Sebastian Egger
  • Ben Falchuk
  • Michail Giannakos
  • David Green
  • Rodrigo Laiola Guimarães
  • Diego Martinez
  • Donny McMillan
  • Britta Meixner
  • Frank Nack
  • Omar Niamut
  • Alex Raake
  • Mark Rice
  • Teresa Romao
  • Alan Said
  • Raimund Schatz
  • Dimitri Schuurman
  • Wendy Van den Broeck


The review process of ACM TVX2015 is composed of the following steps:

  • Each Paper is assigned to the area selected by the author. The program chairs then select an Associate Chair, based on her/his expertise.
  • The Associate Chair assigns three carefully selected reviewers.
  • Reviewers upload the review of the paper according to the review criteria.
  • The Associate Chair controls the quality of the reviews (requires clarifications from the reviewers when needed and new reviews in exceptional cases). Based on the three high-quality reviews, the Associate Chair writes the meta-review.
  • The meta-review and the reviews are released early to authors without the decision, so they can write a rebuttal. The Associate Chair reads the rebuttal and updates the meta-review.
  • The Associate Chair participates in the TPC meeting equipped with an initial decision over the papers assigned to her/him (to be accepted, borderline, to be rejected).
  • Based on these recommendations, the Program Chairs and the Associate Chairs discuss the paper during the TPC meeting in order to reach a final decision.
  • The final decision, together with the reviews and the meta-review, are sent to the authors. This is a conditional acceptance of the paper.
  • In case of acceptance, the authors must submit on time the camera-ready version of the paper modifying the paper as requested in the meta-review (failing to comply will result in a final rejection of the paper). The Associate Chair will check the final version and tick the box for final acceptance if all requested changes were made.


This year, ACM TVX includes a ‘light’ rebuttal process. This means that the reviews along with the meta-review will be released to authors before the decision has been taken, on February 25th. Authors can then choose to write a rebuttal in which they clarify certain points addressed by the reviewers, and if needed indicate which (small) changes they could make to accommodate the reviewers’ concerns. The deadline for this rebuttal is March 4th, two days before the TPC meeting. The rebuttal will be taken into account during the discussion at the TPC meeting. Reviewers are not expected to respond to the rebuttal, given the short time frame.