ACM TVX2015 offers two exciting keynote presentations, with thought-provoking content from industry and academia:

  • Jacob Shwirtz, Chief Social Media Officer at Endemol Beyond USA, will be the opening keynote speaker of the conference on Thursday 4 June.
  • Marianna Obrist, Lecturer in Interaction Design at the University of Sussex, UK, will be closing keynote speaker on Friday 5 June.
Jacob Shwirtz

Empowering storytellers with social media

From entertainment to news to corporate marketing, social media has infused, informed and revolutionized the way creators are reaching their audience. In this discussion we will explore the core impact of social media as a storytelling medium, how standard operating procedures and strategies have changed, delve into case studies and how we chart a path forward. When viewed through the lens of storytelling, social media becomes a wildly exciting domain for innovative creators to николаевский дворец в санкт петербурге экскурсии, invent new genres of content and connect with audiences in ways never before possible. Case studies considered will span everything from traditional talent making the move to the Internet, digital-native talent, already-successful and new TV programs and web series, as well as legacy content finding new life and audiences online.

Keynote Speaker Bio: Jacob Shwirtz has been a part of the Endemol Beyond USA since its launch in November 2013 as Chief Social Media Officer, where he has been responsible for creating and implementing forward-looking strategies that maximize the potential of social media as a global storytelling platform, using new methods and genres of content creation for distribution and monetization. Prior to joining Endemol Beyond USA, Shwirtz served as social TV lead for Viacom and, previously, he launched dozens of initiatives that blended linear and digital for MTV and VH1.  As a digital entrepreneur, Shwirtz co-created TweetBookz, offering personalized coffee table books of tweets. In 2012, Shwirtz was named as one of the top 10 social media mavens in media by Multichannel News.

Multi-Sensory Media Experiences

The way we experience the world is based on our five senses, which allow us unique and often surprising sensations of our environment. Interactive technologies are mainly stimulating our senses of vision and hearing, partly our sense of touch, and the sense of taste and smell are widely under-exploited. There is however a growing international interest of the film, video, and game industries in more immersive viewing and gaming experiences. In the 20th century there was a demand for a controllable way to describe colours that initiated intense research on the descriptions of colours and substantially contributed to advances in computer graphics, image processing, photography and cinematography. Similarly, the 21st century now demands an investigation of touch, taste, and smell as sensory interaction modalities to enhance media experiences.

Keynote Speaker Bio: Marianna Obrist is a Lecturer in Interaction Design at the University of Sussex, UK. She is leading the SCHI Lab (Sussex Computer Human Interaction) integrated in the Creative Technology research group established within the School of Engineering and Informatics. Prior to joining Sussex, she was a Marie Curie Fellow at Culture Lab at the School of Computing Science in Newcastle University and before she worked as an Assistant Professor for Human-Computer Interaction at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Salzburg, Austria. Her current research focuses on the systematic exploration of touch, taste, and smell experiences for human-computer interaction. She has been recently awarded €1.5Mk by the European Research Council for a five-year project to expand the research into ‘Sensory Experiences for Interactive Technologies’ (SenseX). Marianna has published widely in the fields of human-computer interaction and user experience, and is currently Vice Chair for the ACM TVX steering committee.

Marianna Obrist